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At Long Investments, we understand the uncertainty you face as retirement approaches. “Will I have enough?” “Will my spouse be okay?” “How much risk should I take?” That’s why we provide comprehensive strategies to help you seek to live comfortably in retirement. We offer the confidence you need to pursue your retirement goals, manage market volatility and prepare for unexpected events. We are your partner in managing your financial independence.

We begin by meeting with you to learn about your family, current financial situation, goals for the future and any challenges that may stand in the way of achieving them. Once we gain an understanding of your current financial situation, we identify areas of improvement in your financial world. It’s this information that drives all our recommendations; we never take a cookie cutter approach to serving our clients.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

  • Plan for my financial future
  • Establish a lasting financial legacy for my loved ones
  • Develop a retirement savings strategy
  • Implement a diversified portfolio in line with my objectives and risk tolerance
  • Cover college expenses for a child or grandchild
  • Minimize tax expenditure

At Long Investments, we understand that planning for your financial future is about more than achieving a specific investment return. It’s about helping you live the life you want. That’s why, before we do anything else, we take time to understand your goals and priorities. Using this information, we develop custom financial and investment strategies to pursue your version of financial success.


Mission Statement

At Long Investments, our mission is the same as yours – To help pursue your life’s goals. To do so, we develop a custom financial plan that takes into consideration your personal financial goals, current situation and potential challenges. What sets us apart is our dynamic approach to managing risk, which allows us to adjust your financial plan and investment portfolio as your situation and market conditions evolve over time.


How We Work

Our seven-step process helps ensure no detail is overlooked as we work with you to establish, implement and maintain custom strategies that meet your needs.

Step 1
Introductory phone call
In this brief phone conversation, we introduce ourselves, learn a ...

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Step 2
In-person or virtual meeting to discuss your needs and goals
If you like what you hear in our introductory phone ...

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Step 3
Preliminary financial plan presentation
After we’ve gathered the necessary information we begin ...

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Step 4
Follow-up meeting
At our follow-up meeting, we present a revised financial plan that incorporates ...

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Step 5
Sleep on it and feedback
After presenting your personal financial plan ...

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Step 6
Once you’ve decided to move forward, we take the lead in transferring ...

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Step 7
Ongoing monitoring
The implementation of your custom financial plan is just the ...

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